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– What’s the matter? – Ilana warily looked at sudden companion.
– Do not worry, darling! – Blonde has tightened her elbow girl – now I’ll explain.

Let’s just look for some quiet place.
The school is time offsets was in full swing, so to find a free audience was not easy, and blonde invited talk, sitting in her car.

– I recently built a new country house – she said briskly, firmly closing the door of their luxury SUV – and now I’m looking for someone who would help me to design the interior.
– But I almost do not do it – Ilana replied, – I have a very different direction …

– I know! – Unceremoniously interrupted blonde girl – but that’s what I need.
– But I have absolutely no time – Ilana for some reason reached into her purse, – tests, exams. Onlin sex.

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